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Welcome to the new site!

I've not brought anything over from the old site. I'm giving this one a try, and the site, a total rebuild.

It is proving more difficult than anticipated. This may drive me insane. May 1 is my deadline. Curse you playoff hockey.

April 29, 2018

Two weeks, and two lines of blog written. Luckily, the site has taken up more of my time. It is now April 29, 2018. I sit, on this wet, rainy sunday morning, with my coffee, a sausage mcmuffin and a couple hashbrowns. I've also texted my personal trainer that I won't make our session today. It was suppose to be the first session. Already winning there.

But the site needs to get done. SO badly. The complete rebuild was sorely needed. The more I work on the site, the more 'Home' it feels like. Let me know how my attempts to bring my personality to the site is going. If you like, or dislike something, tell me! I'm always open to feedback.

8am Update: went to bed when my NAS unit wouldn't connect, nor would it power down.  "Please wait, powering down"...The last thing I want to do is power cycle a unit writing critical photography data...which I have to do cause that message is taunting me. I need coffee for this.

10am Update: The coffee has kicked in and the NAS is up and running.  Google and I have an all day play date. (See what I did there?) If you don't know, Google Play has some unreal playlists in their arsenal to keep me motivated. Seriously. Their Station Lists are amazing. Falling In Love? Try the 'Vampire Lovers' playlist. Breaking up? 'Cow Girl Kiss Offs' has your back. In a Mellow mood? Why not sit back with a "Smooth Glass of Red."

No really. Genius. Gotta say, I am starting to like the Galaxy s9+ a little more and more each day. Ok back to editing.

6pm update. Since we last met, I've eaten sliced kiwi, an apple, 3 CLIF energy blocks, 2 cans of tropical Red Bull. I've also fed Alomar. The site is coming along. I've set May 7 as the day it'll be unleashed to the public. I can make May 7...

12:24am update. I love where the site is heading. I made some real progress; but the best progress I am going to make now; is straight to bed. I am beat!

May 7 12:44am

The site is going live. This is the last thing I am going to type before making it live and head to bed. I don't know how much time I've spent on it this weekend. My brain doesn't work anymore.

email me if you see something you like.

Thank you, and lets see what we can do with 2018 shall we?